The Adventures of The Picassofish

The Adventures of The Picassofish

Dive into the underwater world with the exotic Picassofish.

THE ADVENTURES OF THE PICASSOFISH is a colorful children’s picture book with exciting and beautiful photography. The story of the Picassofish and his adventures is fun and thrilling. Through the story, children learn about the sea life of the Red Sea. More than twenty-five amazing photographs of sea life illustrate the book.

Children will learn about the significance of our oceans and their coral reefs. In addition, they learn about the importance of friendship, helping others and being curious. All these themes are important things in life.

THE ADVENTURES OF THE PICASSOFISH will become a favorite for all children at story time, bedtime, and at any other time.
It could very well be the first step to open the door for someone to become a photographer, marine biologist, diver or scientist.

You can find the book on Amazon US, UK, CA and many more, and also on Barnes & Noble, Adlibris and other
international bookstores.
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Betty Bluecheek Butterflyfish Goes Treasure Hunting
Blue Spotted Stingray, Taeniura lymma. The Dasyatidae family contains about 100 species, one of which is the Blue Spotted Stingray. Like all stingrays they have venomous spines at the base of the tail.
Coverpage Picassofish Kids Book

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