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How to Become Mentally Stronger and Happier!

A visually beautiful book with inspirational QUOTES and full-page COLOR IMAGES about friendship, self-confidence, gratitude, and courage.

Most of us face tough times during our life. It can be sorrow, low self-esteem, health problems, low mood, or anxiety.

This book is created for everyone, who wants to be happier, braver, more confident, and mentally stronger.

This book is for women and men, young and old.

More than 80 quotes and 25 gorgeous images combined with their own special quote, to help you with wisdom and comfort through tough times. They empower your self-confidence and belief in life and its possibilities. This book also helps you to dream big and to be brave!

Read a few pages in the morning or before you go to bed, when you travel, or during coffee break at work. The book fits greatly into any bag. Read this lovely book for a dose of inspiration, hope, or strength.

This book is also a very lovely gift idea!

A few quotes from the book:

“Light and shadows are both part of life. Always look towards the light!”

“Today is the perfect day to start fulfilling your dreams!”

“You are somebody’s reason to smile today.”

“The art of life is finding happiness in small things.”

“Courage is doing what is needed, even though you are afraid.”

Editorial reviews:

I love how the author guides me to the various sections, suggesting how I can get the most out of reading them; and then there are her beautiful images!  How to Become Mentally Stronger and Happier is written as if Johanna is actually speaking to me and helping me reframe my thinking when I’m in a bad mood or even at a low point in life. I’m keeping one next to my bed and another in my car!

Diane Lindon Coy, USA

This Book is like a gift from a dear friend. A treasure of words and pictures to behold, for everyone to learn from and thrive in life through empathy and understanding.

Gordon Joseph Shiach, OBT Imaging, UK.

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The Colorful Coral Reef – A charming picture book for young children

Dive into the magical underwater world. THE COLORFUL CORAL REEF is a children’s picture book with exotic and beautiful photography. This book is for the young children 1-3 years of age.

Stunning color photos of the jellyfish, the stingray, the butterflyfish, the angelfish, the picassofish, the clownfish and a few other charming fish introduce the very youngest explorers to the wonders of the underwater world.

In addition to the wonderful underwater photographs, this picture book tells simple facts to keep young children and their parents charmed from the first page to the last.

High quality paperback book with glossy lamination!

You can find the book on Amazon US, UK, CA and many more, and also on Barnes & Noble, Adlibris and other international bookstores. This is the link to the Amazon US page

The Adventures of The Picassofish

Dive into the underwater world with the exotic Picassofish.

THE ADVENTURES OF THE PICASSOFISH is a colorful children’s picture book with exciting and beautiful photography. The story of the Picassofish and his adventures is fun and thrilling. Through the story, children learn about the sea life of the Red Sea.

Children will learn about the significance of our oceans and their coral reefs. In addition, they learn about the importance of friendship, helping others and being curious. All these themes are important things in life.

THE ADVENTURES OF THE PICASSOFISH will become a favorite for all children at story time.
It could very well be the first step to open the door for someone to become a photographer, marine biologist, diver or scientist.

You can find the book on Amazon US, UK, CA and many more, and also on Barnes & Noble, Adlibris and other international bookstores.
Here is the link to the Amazon US page.