Do you wonder why your content is not shared?

Sometimes I am asked a question, or I see someone ask this online: why is my content, my posts on social media, not shared so much?
You could have the greatest images, but your content is not always shared. 

One reason is that not all brand managers or content creators remember to write to their audience, to the people, in a human way. Many write posts thinking only about the brand image, the image they hope they have. But a brand image is not what company brand managers would like it to be, it is what the people really think about the brand, how the people value the brand. 


On social media people like and love posts, that make them stop and feel something. Feel something good and positive.  Content creators should think about network building, serving the people in their network and sharing content that people like and want to share. We should all share some value with our posts on social media. Something that has value to the reader. 

In a world where all social media posts compete every hour with thousands of other content creators’ posts, it is good to remember that a good post is about value to the reader, raising interest, sharing positivity and inspiration, and also about relevant news and small talk. After you post something, remember to also be social. That is what social media is about. Being social. Talk with your network, show your interest to other people’s posts and comments and questions. Show that you are interested.


A good tip is to do at least a light analytics, which can be just to follow competitors and see what kind of their posts gain likes, shares and comments. Learn from that. 🙂

It is all about being human, being real and being social.


Tips for you:

  • Build trust
  • Be human in your posts
  • Find out what people like and love to see and hear
  • Share these findings to all personnel who share posts to social media about your company
  • Test new things
  • Do not live in a box – open your eyes to new creative and fun ways to talk to people