Creative block on social media

Are you looking for new, fresh and creative content ideas to share across your social media feeds?

Creative block is very normal for anyone using social media, even experienced social media marketers. Here is a list of some ideas, which you could try, when you are running out of ideas.

Ebooks are valued and of interest to many people. If you have created ebooks, share some content from it on social media.

If you write a blog, share blog posts to social media. You can also share older blog posts, as many of your new followers have not seen them yet.

Relevant news are appreciated by many. Share news to your network.

Quotes are very well liked, and the best ones are inspirational quotes.

People love tips, so share some every week.

Remember to engage people by asking their opinions. You will gain more comments and at the same time build a stronger relationship with your network.

Encourage people to discuss with you by doing polls and sharing questions, and encourage your customers to share their thoughts about your products and services (if you sell products or services).

What have you noticed that are one of the best things to share on social media to gain the interest of your followers?