Social Media Tips For Artists

Are you an artist? Would you like to sell more of your art? Then these tips are for you.

I have spent a lot of years doing marketing and also social media marketing. The same tips work for artists as for marketers in big or small companies. You have to show your products to the world. Why? So that people can find you and your products.

The best way to do this is to use visual communications, which means using images, photos, videos or graphic work on your webpage, on your blog and in your social media channels.

Visual marketing is much more effective than using only text. But using only images, without text does not work. If you want to raise your chances for sale. Write something about the image you share. Tell people why the painting, the photograph, the pillow, the bag or the shower curtain is a great choice for buyers.

Many artists share their art (photography or paintings) but forget to talk about the art, and talk with people, on social media. Many forget to add text to each post. If you only share an image, you leave the viewer half way to make an order. If you add inspiring text to the image, you will gain much more attention.

For example, if I would only share this sunset photo, I would most likely gain likes and perhaps comments on social media, and sometimes a few followers might even share the image forward. But it is unlikely that someone would by this photo as wall art or other products, if I do not tell the viewers a little bit about the image. For this image I could use:

Sunsets in Africa are exotic and beautiful. Welcome to have a look at this image as wall art in my art shop. This sunset photograph is also a great gift idea to a friend who loves sunsets.

During the dark winter time a bright and joyful sunset, a whisper from Africa, is a great choice for inspiring wall art. Welcome to my art shop to have a closer look.

Sahara Sunset 2

When you want to sell home decor, share the image as a pillow, a shower curtain or a blanket. Show people how the image looks on a product. This gives the viewer much more inspiration to buy, than if you only share the art work or photography as a square image.

Build your network every week. Some artists say they do not have time to build a network. But if you want to sell, you have to have some kind of a network. A bigger network is better than a small one. But the most important thing is to have the right people following you. If you have 500 people following you, but they are not interested in art, you will not gain much sales. But if you build a network with people who like or love art, then you will most probable gain sales, when you share your art to social media, your blog or your website.

Do you use social media? You should. Some artists think that people will find their art, if they set up an account for example on Redbubble or Fine Art America or Society6. People cannot find you unless you tell them where they can find your lovely art. That is the reason to use social media. Share your art, talk about your art, and invite people to have a closer look.

Remember too that just sharing your art is not enough, is you want to gain more sales. You should also be social. Talk to your network, comment on other people’s posts, share other people’s posts and like many posts per day. It does not take a long time, and it certainly is worth every minute you spend on social media. The more you talk with people or share their posts, the more you will gain. Be social, be kind, be a supporter, and you will gain a lot.

I love to photograph in the Red Sea. This underwater photo is so magical as wall art. It brightens up any room.