The Power of Blogging

Sometimes I blog in English, so my global blog followers have a few posts to enjoy in English every now and then.

I wrote a book about the Social Age and Social Business, “It’s Time To Change”, and it was published in October 2015. I had the great honor to interview amazing people and great organizations for my book.

One of my global contacts, John Paul Aguiar is one of the great people I interviewed. His website is: 

John is a Blogging Entrepreneur helping Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners “How to use Blogging and Social Media more Effectively” to grow their business.

JH: John, how did you start on your path to success?

JPA: I got started working online over 15 years ago, at the time, I had gotten a Kidney Transplant and needed a way to make money that wasn’t a traditional “job”.

That’s when I started with selling on Ebay and running a MLM business and doing Affiliate marketing. I started to have success with all 3 and slowly worked my way into blogging as a way to show people how to make money online, share my tips and advice.

Success started to come quickly for my blog, once I started to use Twitter and Social Media to expand my brand and my content.

 JH: What inspired you in the beginning?

JPA: Honestly, when I had gotten ill and needed a Kidney Transplant, I became VERY focused on making money and being successful since I didn’t want to be a financial burden on my family.

My goal was to reach a place financially that would keep my bills paid whether I was sick or not. That was my only inspiration in the beginning.

JH: What kind of tips would you give Finnish business leaders on the subject of blogging – why is it worth while (or even necessary) for a leader to blog?

JPA: Today blogging can be so many things:

  • a way to share your information
  • a way to teach
  • a way to support customers

Blogging also gives you the added benefit by making it much easier to grab potential customers thru search, Google and Bing search traffic.

It is also a great way to stay in front of your customers and potential customers by sharing helpful advice, tips and content that helps THEM, supports THEM.

Blogging will also give you the content you need to share across all your Social Media platforms.

When comes to selling, a blog is the perfect place to sell without selling.

JH: Thank you John for a great and inspiring interview!