Social Organizational Communications

Sometimes I blog in English, so my global blog followers have a few posts to enjoy in English every now and then 🙂

I wrote a book about the Social Age and Social Business, “It’s Time To Change”, and it was published in October 2015. I had the great honor to interview amazing people and great organizations for my book.

As time flies by so fast and I realized it has been a year since the interviews, I decided to start a new theme in my blog: How are you doing after one year of my interview for my book?

In this blog post I interview Elina Melgin, CEO of ProCom – The Finnish Association of Communication Professionals. ProCom fosters the professional development of its nearly 2900 members and promotes the value communication provides to society. The members range from industry thought leaders working in strategic leadership positions of major corporations to entry-level practitioners and entrepreneurs.

A year ago Elina gave some great social media tips for Finnish CEO’s and managers:

I recommend CEO’s and managers to get to know social media channels, especially Twitter and the power of videos. With an open mind every CEO and manager will discover the idea and the power of social media. You can start by observing what others do. But your strategy can also be something else. I sent my first tweet to Alexander Stubb (Minister of Finance in Finland) and received a reply immediately. Twitter is like a global coctail party online.

A year has passed. I wanted to know what Elina Melgin and Procom  have done the past year regarding social media and social organizational communications.

JH: Elina, what have you learnt since last spring? Has ProCom had new ideas or achievements during the past year?

EM: ProCom’s main priority is to show the value of communications. It can be done by measuring communications. The measurement tools have  though not developed as fast as other digital tools, which we found out during a research we did with STT (one of the oldest newsrooms in the world) recently. Clicks and likes do not show the real value of social communications. We need to analyze the measured results.

The training portfolio of ProCom includes now also Search Engine Optimization and Measurement & Analytics.

We have tested Periscope in our own communications. We collect experience and best practice tips.  We have gained more followers on Twitter and we have noticed we reach new target groups with the help of new social media tools. Social media communications enables the success of the strategy of ProCom.

The original interview done in April 2016 can be read here (in Finnish) and in my book you can read the longer interview done in 2015.