A New Era is here!

This year there has been some great articles and books about a New Era.

Some call it the Social Age, some call it the Human Era. 

We leave behind us the Industrial Era, where authority ruled and the human touch was small.

In the Social and Human Era, we take into consideration the people, within the company and outside the company. We have a human touch in everything we do. We embrace the Social Age and the possibility to connect and communicate openly.

The key is to listen, to help, to solve problems, to show empathy and to inspire. Be proactive, engage and make a positive difference.

The organisations and brands show their open and social work culture. The organisations communicate and interact in the social media and build a whole new image for their brand. They engage with their audience and show that they care.

engagement is the key

engagement is the key

This is the new way, and the only way, to succeed and to develop a connection with the people – the customers, the media, the partners and the employees.

I recommend warmly Bryan Kramer and Ted Coiné & Mark Babbitt

Welcome to the New Era – the Human Era and the Social Age!


6 thoughts on “A New Era is here!

  1. There is a big risk reading books likes this. It will change the way you think. Every time you read something insightful you find it harder to work for industrial era companies.

    My path changed years ago when I read autobiography of Steve Jobs. You have to do what you love and I am on that path.

    Thank you Johanna for the recommendation. I will add this to my reading list.

    Ps. I am drafting a business plan and possibly starting a new business. Possibly I could use your services in near future. Let’s see how everything turns out. Thank you for educating us and have a nice holiday.

    • Thank you for your inspiring comment. Let me know if you might need my services in the future, I would be happy to help out.

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